App Features

Personal Account

Personal accounts come with an account number, sort code and IBAN number. Link your account to others.


personal account

Debit Card

A Visa-approved contactless debit card that can be used internationally, wherever Visa is accepted. Your MyAhmed card can be used with Samsung and Google pay services.



All aspects of  MyAhmed are kept free from interest (riba). MyAhmed is approved as a Shariah-compliant app. MyAhmed is not underwritten by another bank. Deposits are ring-fenced at the Bank of England and no bank can use them for lending activities.


No Credit Check Required

Sign up in under 2 minutes — no credit check required. 


Quick, Easy and Free

The MyAhmed account can be opened in minutes at no cost whatsoever. There is no fee charged for card posting and delivery, and cancellation is free in the first 14 days. 


Safe and Secure

Access your app by entering a PIN or scanning your fingerprint. Your account is also protected by a security code. Monies in the account are protected from claims by creditors in case of insolvency. Accounts can be frozen in case the card is lost, damaged or stolen, or when you report suspicious activity by the account-holder.


Customer Service

Connect to a human who can help you through our chat service, built into the app. We can help you in multiple languages when you need it most. 


Zakat Calculator

A calculator built into the app that evaluates your assets and liabilities, and accurately works out the Zakatable wealth that you have accumulated over the period of one year.



Donate to a list of pre-vetted charities with MyAhmed. 100% of all proceeds are transferred to the chosen charity, with no associated fees.


Saving Pots

Open a savings fund into which money can be transferred from one or multiple accounts. And round-up spare change into that pot.


Money Circles

A chit fund into which regular money contributions are made via transfer from multiple accounts. Funds can then be distributed among contributors on a rotating basis.


Split the Bill

Share the responsibility for bill payments with other MyAhmed users account-holders connected on the app.


Round Ups

A setting that allows the app to automatically round up the spare change in the account and have it transferred into your chosen Saving Pot.



Budget analysis is built into the app, helping you to break down month-by-month spending habits. This allows you to set spending caps on outside dining, accommodation costs, utility bills and grocery shopping. Activate optional notifications to warn against overspending.


Pay Bills

This setting enables account-holders to schedule direct debits in advance to prevent them from falling behind on monthly bill payments.


Money Transfers

Same-day money transfers to and from bank accounts in the UK. Easy transfers between MyAhmed users.


International Transfers

COMING SOON: Money transfers to a foreign bank accounts can be completed within 1-3 working days.