I want to be involved

Why are you doing this now?

On the back of our launch, we raised £1.1M several months ago. Now, with more than 15,000 of you onboarded, we're ready to grow - new products and also into Europe. While, it's usually the big investors that get the better deal, we know that without our community, we would be nowhere. Though we have grown since the last investment, we'd like to offer you the same valuation as our earlier raise from the large investors. All said, we'd be honoured if you would join our journey as investors - in that becoming champions of this cause we mega excited about.

How much are you planning to raise?


Who can invest?

Anyone over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world other than residents of the US, Canada and Japan. You will need to sign-up with CrowdCube though. How much can I invest? As little as £18.84.

How do I invest?

To become a shareholder in MyAhmed, please 1) Add your email address to get early access and 2) Sign up with CrowdCube [The link to our our campaign on their website will be here once we go live].

What is Crowdcube?

CrowdCube is a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is where a large number of people pool their money together to back a business they believe in.

When will the campaign go live?

Sign up here to be the first to know.

Will everyone invest on equal terms?

Absolutely. On the back of our launch, we raised £1.1M several months ago. We'd be honoured if you would join our journey so we are extending that round on the same terms though we have grown since. Will the MyAhmed community have exclusive access to the investment? Yes, we will open our share offer exclusively to our community who register their interest, and shares will be issued on a first come first served basis.

How do I make a return on my investment?

We take our responsibilities seriously and know it is important to set out when you can expect to realise a financial return on your shares. In the short term, we expect to reinvest retained profit in MyAhmed so don't expect to pay dividends in the next 3 years. We, as founders, expect to be involved in MyAhmed for the long term. We do not have an exit plan. However understand some investors likely want to realise a proportion of their own shareholding in the next 3 to 7 years. We have no specific plans on a timetable or potential route: all options remain open. This includes wider public share sale, management buy out, trade sale, private equity investment, share buy back or similar to enable MyAhmed to develop further. As with all investments, there is a risk that you will lose all your investment. Please invest aware. Read all the risk warnings and documentation before making an investment.

What are MyAhmed’s shareholder benefits?

We offer tiered VIP shareholder benefits alongside the shares they receive for their investment. The benefits are based on the amount each shareholder invests. Details of the benefits will be detailed on our Crowdcube pitch page once we go live.

Who else has invested in MyAhmed?

The founders and broader management team and several VCs and family offices have invested in MyAhmed.

What are the risks?

Please invest aware. As with all investments, particularly in startups, there is a risk that you will lose all your investment. MyAhmed, itself, faces many risks. Some risks worth noting include: liquidity risk (being able to continue to raise funds for our growth is important for us to survive and thrive), currency risk (these will arise as we expand geographically and could be an issue if currencies fluctuate rapidly), regulatory risk (we are a regulated company and must always adhere to regulatory frameworks - changes to these may impact our business model), competition and service disruption (though we are cloud-native and have taken precautions, this is a risk we are constantly aware of).

I want to be involved