We are a socially conscious start-up, created by Muslims, for Muslims. We’re here to help enhance your finances while keeping it all Halal.



Halal growth

We’ve also set ourselves a firm goal. We’d like to improve financial behaviour among Muslims and boost financial literacy. We want you to save more and spend well.

We’re among the 96% of Muslims who want to inject a bit of halal into our money moves. The global market size of halal financial services is set to grow to $3,809bn by 2023.

So MyAhmed is also a Shariah-compliant app — we are 100% interest or riba-free as a company. And we want to see our Zakat figured out accurately, because we know there's room for improvement.



Our futures matter

As a team, our contributions won’t be limited to finances — we’ll help mentor and give back to the communities that shaped us.  We’ve spent decades surfing global Muslim cultures. And we’ve seen how so much can change in the blink of an eye.

So we intend to build something that can last.  We built MyAhmed with you, our children, and our parents in mind.

We wanted something they could all lean on, in good times and in more inclement weather. Help us grow MyAhmed. We’re here because of you.