App Features

Personal Account

You get an account number, sort code and IBAN. You can also link your account to external ones to make your life that little bit easier.


personal account

Debit Card

Our VISA debit cards are contactless and available to use internationally, for holiday or business. Samsung and Google Pay are available, and Apple Pay is coming soon!



The only interest we want is yours in us, everything else is interest-free.

MyAhmed is certified as fully Shariah-compliant. Your deposits are ring-fenced and neither MyAhmed nor yourselves earn any riba (interest). We cannot use these funds to lend to or invest in any non-Halal products or companies that advance non-Halal activities; and we ensure that partners we have engaged with do not either.



MyAhmed is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and by the Central Bank of Lithuania and the European Central Bank in the EU.


Quick, Easy and Free

You can open a MyAhmed account in minutes, for free. Card posting, delivery and cancellation are free too.


Safe and Secure

Safety first. Access your funds with Touch or Face ID, or with an alphanumeric PIN. Freeze your account instantly in case your card is lost or stolen, or when you see suspicious activity. We may be a start-up, but monies in your account are protected from claims by creditors no matter what happens to us (insolvency or otherwise).


Customer Service Intercom

We’re here to help in English, French and German (yup, we’re multilingual!) We’re available on chat through our app, or you can ring our phone lines 8am-8pm, seven days a week on
0800 048 9298.


Zakat Calculator

Invest in your Akhirah. Our in-app Zakat calculator walks you through getting your Zakat just right.



Support causes with a meaningful purpose. 100% of your donation is sent to a charity you choose - zero fees, zero hassle.


Saving Pots

Oh, sweet savings! MyAhmed's Savings Pots allow you to instantly deposit or withdraw money without any hassle.


Money Circles

A chit fund is a rotating saving tool. Your friends and family can all save in to one pot. Each month one chit fund member gets to spend what's in the pot. Start your Chitty Committee!


Split the Bill

No more awkward moments when the bill comes…
Split the bill easily and fairly with your friends with our app.


Round Ups

Save without feeling it. If you'd like to, we'll round up your transactions to the nearest Pound and automatically transfer those round-ups to your Savings Pots.



No more end of the month surprises! Our budget analysis helps break down your monthly spending habits. Track where you’re hurting your wallet the most, and set up spending caps where you need them.


Pay Bills

Schedule direct debits in advance, and we’ll help make sure you don’t fall behind.


Easy Money Transfers

Instantaneous money transfers to and from bank accounts in the UK. We make it even easier when you transfer to other MyAhmed users.


International Transfers

Money transfers to a foreign bank account are completed within 1-3 working days. Funds are transferred in British Pounds Sterling; any currency conversion will be conducted by the receiving institution. Exchange rates are set by VISA Europe.