FCA regulation

We take no risks with your money

While we are not covered by FSCS, your deposits are ring-fenced. We cannot use these funds to lend or invest, and we ensure that partners we have engaged with do not either. The money sits there a bit lonely but certainly safe!

IT Security

We teamed up with Nordcloud, a company owned by none other than IBM, to ensure the security of our IT systems. Here's a bit of a promotional video. The bottom line is that transmission of data is encrypted, our systems are monitored 24/7 by a team of security experts and we hire additional outside experts quarterly to identify any vulnerabilities and make sure our systems are not penetrable.

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Your Personal Information

With all that has happened over the past few years with the sale of tracking information, we are all worried about the apps we use. We adhere to a strict Privacy Policy. We will never sell your data to any organisation. Your data is simply that: YOUR data.

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