Can I receive money and pay my bills like a regular bank account? (e.g. salary, utility bills)

You can receive your salary and money transfers into your MyAhmed account. And you can pay bills using standing orders or via direct debits.

Can I use Bitcoin?

It’s in the works!

How do I calculate my Zakat?

The MyAhmed app has an built-in Zakat calculator to help you figure out how much to give.

How long does it take to transfer money to another bank in the UK?


Can I send money abroad?

Coming very very soon!

Can I use my MyAhmed account to make online payments?

Yes, of course!

Am I free to send my Zakat donation to anyone I want?

Yes, it’s completely up to you! We don’t decide for you, but we do highlight a list of vetted charities for you to consider.