Fees and Rates

Are there any annual fees for the MyAhmed card and account?

You won’t be paying any sign-up or annual fees with us!

Are there any maintenance fees associated with the MyAhmed debit card/account?

None whatsoever.

Are there any fees associated with money transfers between MyAhmed card/account holders?

That’s free!

Are there any fees associated with transferring money to a third account?

For UK customers, there is a fee of £18 on international money transfers.

What are the money transfer limits?

There are no limits on transfers.

Are there any fees for using my card abroad?

We’d love to say no, but we have to pay some fees each time you use your card abroad. We’ll be sharing some of these costs with you. Please visit our Fees section.

What is the exchange rate when I buy something in another currency?

That’ll be the official exchange rate provided by VISA Europe on the date they process your payment. Here’s a link for details.

Is there an account closure fee?

No, none at all.

What is the PayPoint pay-in minimum?


What is the PayPoint pay-in maximum?

£249 per week.

Are there any fees associated with ATM withdrawals abroad?

There is a £0 charge plus 2% of the transaction value. We do not make money off this fee, it just covers some of our cost.

Is there a cashback limit?

You can request up to £50 cashback at participating UK retailers.