What is MyAhmed?

We’re a socially-conscious company, created by Muslims, for Muslims. We've designed our app to make Halal living a little bit easier. To start, we'll help you budget and save, calculate your Zakat and keep your money riba (interest) free. Slowly we’ll be adding more and more services to, hopefully, make life that much easier.

Is MyAhmed underwritten by a bank or is it registered as an independent company?

Nope, MyAhmed is not underwritten by another bank. We are fully independent. We do have tech partners and use our own UK and EU licenses, as well theirs. Your deposits with us are ring-fenced and MyAhmed doesn’t get any riba (interest). We will never use your funds to lend to or invest in any non-Halal products or companies that take part in non-Halal activities; and we ensure that the partners we are connected to don’t either.

Do I have to be Muslim to use MyAhmed?

You can be whoever you want with MyAhmed. We are certified as Shariah-compliant, but just as everyone can enjoy Halal food, our services are for anyone seeking to add more social responsibility to their lives. So, if that's your thing, regardless of your faith, you’re welcome to join the movement towards thoughtful finances.

Can I replace my regular bank account with a MyAhmed e-money account?

MyAhmed offers e-money accounts (similar to what Monzo and Revolut offered) but we do it in a Halal way. We don’t have high street branches, so you don’t need to leave your house to come find us. And we use the latest technology to make transferring money to other accounts, paying for services using our VISA Debit card and depositing cash at any of the 28,000 Paypoint locations easy. Try out MyAhmed for free, and we’ll show you why we’re worth it.

Will you be offering halal loans/credit?

Soon, soon! We’re in the process of getting the required license. Regulators are there to keep everyone protected. They do a lot of work to ensure that our systems are tip-top, that all loan offerings are done in a non-discriminatory manner and that we have the financial capabilities to offer the loans. We’re compiling all this information for them, and after some evaluation time, inshAllah, we’ll be there to offer riba (interest) free credit.

Does MyAhmed have a branch? If so, where?

MyAhmed operates entirely online - no public branches anywhere out there. If you’d like to pop in and meet the team, drop us an email at and we’ll arrange that! For everything else, there’s no need to pop out, you can use all our services wherever you are through our app.

What are the rules around joining MyAhmed?

You have to be at least 18-years-old and a UK resident to get a MyAhmed account and card Europe customers will be able to open accounts very soon. We’ll need an email address, mobile number and a scan of your ID.

Do I have to live in the UK or EU to open a MyAhmed account?

If you currently live in the UK, you can open a GBP MyAhmed account. Soon, you’ll be able to open a Euro MyAhmed account if you live in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Is the MyAhmed card a debit or a credit card?

It’s a debit card that you can use wherever Visa is accepted – that’s in over 200 countries!

Is the MyAhmed card contactless?

Yes! Tap away!